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Professor Wang Zhengxiang, Head of the Innovation Team of Plant Geography and Ecology Conservation

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The team was selected as the "Innovation Team Support Plan of Hubei University" with 10 members. Based on the frontier problems of phytogeography and national needs, aiming at biodiversity and ecosystem protection and restoration, the research direction of the team is to systematically develop the spatial and temporal pattern and vegetation of subtropical forest ecosystem under the background of global change, northwest arid area, lake and alpine moss wetland ecosystem,biodiversity, ecological processes and ecological effects. Over the past eight years, he has presided over 12 National Natural Science Foundation, 1 National Supporting Plan and 1 basic work, 1 National Excellent Course Construction of the Ministry of Education and 5 Ministry of Environmental Protection on biodiversity conservation. More than 60 horizontal projects.

Several high-level SCI papers have been published in well-known journals, such asGlobal Change Biology,Journal of Evolutionary Biology,New Phytologist,Functional Ecology. Published 8 monographs, 2 textbooks and 1 popular science feature film. Team members actively carried out the course construction of "Plant Geography". The course "Plant Geography" hosted by the team became the national excellent course and the excellent resource sharing course in Hubei Province, and won the second prize of teaching achievement of Hubei Provincial Government. The team leader presided over scientific investigation or general planning, for one national park, eight national nature reserves and eight national wetland parks, one National Forest Park and several provincial nature reserves and wetland parks. The team has made outstanding contributions to the ecological environmental protection and restoration of Hubei Province.

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