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Rural Water Environment Research Team

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The research team of "Rural Water Environment" of Hubei University was founded in 2003, and was promoted to "Hubei University Science and Technology Innovation Team" in 2008. In 2016, it was approved as "Hubei Science and Technology Innovation Group". At present, there are nine members of the team, including four professors. Since its establishment, the team has completed 185 scientific research projects, including 17 national-level projects with a total research fund of 35.154 million yuan, 18 monographs and more than 180 papers, 39 patents and 4 provincial and ministerial awards for scientific and technological achievements. The "Bio-floating Island Aquatic Agricultural Technology" and "Bio-slow Filtration Technology" developed by the team were selected into the national advanced water-saving and emission reduction technology promotion catalogue. The technology promotion was carried out in 18 provinces and municipalities of the country, as well as parts of Pakistan, Philippines, Australia and Canada, and achieved good results. The technologies of "HD-A rural domestic sewage treatment device" and "HD-B rural domestic sewage treatment device" have been successfully applied to more than 30 sewage treatment projects in Hubei, Fujian and other provinces, making great contributions to rural water environmental protection. Team leader Professor LI Zhaohua.



Professor LI Zhaohua introduced the technology of biological floating island to Minister ZHOU Shengxian of the Ministry of Environmental Protection


Governor Brian Husa of Punjab Province of Pakistan participated in the Bio-floating Island Technology Promotion Activity

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