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Solid Waste Treatment and Comprehensive Utilization

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Solid Waste Treatment and Comprehensive Utilization (Professor LI Haibo, Head of Environmental Protection and Cleaner Production Research Center, Hubei University). Our team has long been committed to the treatment, disposal and resource utilization of tailings, municipal sludge and organic waste. More than 30 national and ministerial and ministerial level scientific research projects have been completed, including "integrated technology for making protein foam extinguishing agents from surplus sludge and processing coal by residue disposal", "integration of organic waste and granular fertilizer technology and equipment", and "key technologies and engineering demonstration of urban lake sediment modification for mining reclamation". More than 20 patents have been granted. Especially for the sludge protein extraction technology and the whole set of production technology of organic waste granular fertilizer developed successively by municipal sludge and organic waste, the technology is simple, stable, low cost and has reached the industrialization level. It has been well popularized and applied in Tianjin, Hubei and other places, and has obtained great demonstration effect.

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