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Provincial Science and Technology Department came to our institute to carry out science and technology innovation policy training

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On the afternoon of November 21, 2018, Zhou Yunfeng, Director of Political Law, Department of Science and Technology of Hubei Province, and his team of 5 people came to ourschoolto hold a training meeting on scientific and technological innovation of "Red Science and Technology, Science and Technology Huiyan". Professor Wang Shimin, Vice President of Hubei University, and Director Wu Caiqing of the Science and Development Institute attended the training meeting, which was chaired by Professor Li Zhaohua, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College.

During the training, Mr. Wan Tao explained the support policy of scientific and technological projects, the management policy of funds for scientific and technological projects, the transformation policy of scientific and technological achievements, the key talent project, the registration of technical contracts, the award of science and technology, the policy consultation and the service of science and technology, and explained the matters needing attention in the declaration of projects and awards.

Hubei University is the first station of the policy training activity of "Science and Technology Huiyan". This lecture in our college is the first lesson. Teachers generally benefit from it.

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