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Teachers' Day Celebrated by the Faculty of Resources and Environment

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On the afternoon of September 7, the College of Resources and Environment held its first teacher recognition conference, awarding 83 Geographic "Source of Thought" awards and grants to teachers who achieved outstanding achievements in teaching, scientific research and management services in 2017, in order to celebrate the 34th Teacher's Day in China.

Tan Kunhua, Secretary of the Standing Committee and Discipline Committee of the Party Committee of the University, Director of the Cooperative Development Department, Jinmei, Secretary-General of the Educational Development Foundation of Hubei University, Zheng Zehou, Li Juanwen, Shao Shiquan, Head of the Board of Supervisors of the 83 Grade Geographic "Siyuan Award and Teaching Grant", and all the staff and student representatives of the College of Resources and Environment attended the University. Meeting.

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